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About gr8chefmb July 30, 2009

Gr8chefmb is just a random person blogging about random thoughts…if you like it, fine; if not, well, that’s fine, too. Hope you have a great life. Find something, anything, to be happy and thankful about.


3 Responses to “About gr8chefmb”

  1. m. janine Says:

    stumbled onto your blog from your facebook page : )

    you are so much more articulate than SO many of the nitwits out in cyberspace – what a novel idea!

    i have to admit it was funny reading the commentary regarding all the folks from school resurfacing via social networking sites

    i have had the good fortune to cross paths with great folks such as you

    i have received heartfelt apologies from a few for past transgressions and i don’t hold any particular animosities

    yet i am reminded that the cliques from back in the day are alive and well in the age of cyberspace

    maxie and i have a couple of comedy bits we do that poke fun at much of it

    i have this retarded notion of a 21st century lucy and ricky . . .

    writing comedy is a great stress buster; the inspiration is just so darned random and intermittent

  2. I was wondering if you could get in touch with me, with your email? Thank you!


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