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Getting Older (or How I Learned to Love Dramamine!) June 2, 2010

Growing up as the oldest of six kids, I used to love car trips. Since we were such a large family, our vehicle of choice was usually a full-sized station wagon. One of the wagons my parents owned had a ‘secret seat’ in the back andmy siblings and I would fight over who got to sit there. Usually, my sister Felicia and I won because we were the oldest two. Traveling by car was totally fun, and I never had to worry about motion sickness. I used to be able to read in the car for hours…LOL! I suffered no ill effects whatsoever. 🙂

Unfortunately, that has changed dramatically over the past ten years or so. I find it difficult to travel by car, especially if I am in the back seat. I start looking like Mr. Spock (minus the pointy ears) and my stomach feels like it has spent several weeks in space walk training. I used to just tough it out and pray that we would stop often. When that that didn’t work, I started using that popular motion sickness remedy Dramamine. Dramamine works like a charm, but I think it works so well because it makes me drowsy as hell and I end up sleeping through the trip…what a bummer!

I just saw a giveaway promotion on [] that I am so excited about! The giveaway includes a set of Psi bands as well as a $30 iTunes card.

According to their website: Psi Bands are drug-free wrist bands for the relief of nausea most commonly caused by morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia. And as you can see…they are also super cute!

As you can see from the picture, they are super cute! I would love to have a set so I can enjoy car trips. The iTunes card doesn’t hurt, either. Studies have shown that music can have a positive influence over your mood, physical well being, etc. That card could buy a fair amount of happiness in the form of my fave artists and songs. [Might I offer the following recommendations: RUSH (These 3 super-talented guys have a couple of new songs out and they are my all-time faves!); HEM (they did that song in the Liberty Mutual insurance commercials-great band!); Nick Drake (His songs were featured on Serendipity and Garden State soundtracks. LOVE this guy!); Noisettes (saw them featured on Sundance Channel’s Live From Abbey Road program-very cool sound! Very cool program, too! Check it out at!); and David Gray. Oh, and I think Texas guitar whiz kid Eric Johnson is supposed to have new release, too. Actually, I could make a lot of recommendations, but I guess I will leave that for another blog entry…LOL! My iTunes has some truly eclectic selecions. :-)] That goes along way in relieving motion sickness, too…LOL!

Yeah, getting older really sucks sometimes, BUT the perks are sometimes worth it, especially if you happen to win something for your pains! Now, if I could only win RUSH tix for their tour this summer…hhhmmmmmmm…

Psi anti-nausea bands


One Response to “Getting Older (or How I Learned to Love Dramamine!)”

  1. Great article! Thanks so much for promoting our giveaway on Milk & Cuddles. As moms who’ve battle morning sickness and as parents a family members of those who suffer from motion sickness, it’s easy to be enthusiastic about working for PsiBands.

    You’re eligible to enter also, and it sounds like, according to Shannon’s rules, you’ll get a bonus entry for your post! Don’t forget to make the first entry for eligibility by becoming a “Fan” or clicking “Like” on the PsiBands FB page. Many thanks! Wonderful music selections, BTW!

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